Batman Soundtracks

One of the more notable aspects, as far as tie-ins go, of the three Christopher Nolan Batman movies, is that there isn't a single pop song in the entire cluster of them. They are entirely pop-song-free, which is really something considering how soundtrack-driven the last batch of Batman movies was (beginning with the Prince-fuelled Tim Burton original and then continuing through the two Joel Schumacher tragedies). In honor of "The Dark Knight Rises" (which really is as good as everyone is saying), we look back to the ten jams that defined the Dark Knight (that you might have forgotten about). All of these tunes are perfect for your next night out in Gotham City.

Prince, "The Future" from "Batman"
The first single from the smash "Batman" album (it was released in Europe, heavily remixed by William Orbit) is a song that we're pretty sure never actually appears in the movie. Still – it totally kicks ass and is easily the highlight of the inescapable Prince tie-in album to the Tim Burton movie. Burton was notoriously unhappy with the synergistic album (and as a stipulation for returning for the sequel, he would exclusively choose all music that went into the film), but that doesn't stop this from being a killer track. Between the squiggly synth line, the foreboding lyrics, and the snippets of dialogue from the movie (ostensibly the entire track is based around Jack Nicholson's villainous line "Think about the future") the song remains a groovy-as-fuck classic. (We remember James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem including it in a mix not too long ago.) This also goes to substantiate the theory that when it comes to Batman soundtrack songs, the more tangential the connection to Batman, the better the song.