You gotta hand it to Jason Statham. The guy knows he's never gonna win an Oscar, and what pays the bills: beating the living shit out of dudes on screen. So we guess we can't fault him for joining yet another faceless, brainless action flick, we just wish we could muster up the energy to care about it.

At any rate, "Blitz" is the next one coming down the line and he will once again play a loner who, this time, is on the hunt for a crazy cop killer. Believe it or not, the film is based on a novel by Ken Bruen and more surprisingly was written by "Moon" scribe Nathan Parker. The film co-stars Paddy Considine, Luke Evans and David Morrissey. Elliot Lester is directing.

No release dates are set but it should hit theaters next year, which will also see a slew of Statham action vehicles arriving including "The Mechanic" (with Ben Foster), "The Killer Elite" (with Robert De Niro and Clive Owen) and "13" (with Mickey Rourke, Alexander Skarsgard, 50 Cent and Ray Winstone). You can check out the trailer for "Blitz" after the jump.