Entertainment One "X/Y"

For the last few year, music collective Fall On Your Sword has been building up an impressive resumé of film scoring gigs. The group counts "Another Earth," "Nobody Walks," "28 Hotel Rooms" and "Lola Versus" among their credits, and the Tribeca Film Festival presents another movie this year with their distinctive work on it.

From writer/director Ryan Piers Williams, "X/Y" brings together an ensemble including America Ferrera, Melonie Diaz, Amber Tamblyn, Common, Dree Hemingway and more to tell the story of four friends living in New York and their interactions as they search for a sense of balance. This exclusive track from Fall On Your Sword,"Alive, Safe And Happy" is both rollicking and uneasy, pulsating and unnerving, likely capturing the journey of these characters as they navigate their lives and each other.

"X/Y" premieres on Saturday, April 19th at BMCC Tribeca Pac. Listen below.