Bluebird, John Slattery

Here are two more films premiering as part of Tribeca’s World Narratives category. A category that will present works from directors of different countries, with the goal of “nurturing dialogue between American filmmakers and their global counterparts.” 

Starting things off is the taut drama "Bluebird." Starring a diverse cast of actors including "Girls" star Adam Driver, "Mad Men" lead John Slattery and character actor Margo Martindale, the movie follows a school bus driver who - through an interaction with a bluebird in her path - changes the entire community of a small logging town. The full plot summary is included below:

On a freezing January evening, school bus driver Lesley (Amy Morton) completes her route, but her final inspection abruptly ends when a bluebird comes into view. What happens next shakes her small Maine logging town, proving that even the slightest actions have enormous consequences. Co-starring Adam Driver, Margo Martindale, John Slattery, Louisa Krause and Emily Meade, Lance Edmands’s absorbing feature debut is a perfect encapsulation of the interconnectedness of life.

The plot, and stellar makes "Bluebird" stand out as an intriguing piece of work. Director Lance Edmands is making his feature film debut, so his experience as a director remains to be seen, but the strong cast of actors he’s assembled showcases his potential. Each of these stars has produced strong work in supporting roles, it’ll be interesting to see if they, combined, have the power to carry the weight of a movie on their own.

Sunlight Jr. Matt Dillon, Naomi Watts (skip)

Next is  Laurie Collyer’s "Sunlight Jr." Collyer is well-known for making the indie darling "Sherrybaby" back in 2006, and "Sunlight Jr." follows a unique couple, played by Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon, who are ecstatic when they discover they’re going to have a baby. Trouble looms on the horizon, of course, and fears of financial woes seek to undue their happiness.

The full synopsis is below:

Quickie-mart employee Melissa (Naomi Watts) and paraplegic Richie (Matt Dillon) are very much in love. Supported only by Melissa’s small hourly wage, they are nevertheless thrilled to learn that Melissa is pregnant. Then their situation deteriorates, and their tenuous financial situation threatens to bring their happy life crashing down. Norman Reedus also stars in this a moving romantic drama from Laurie Collyer, director of the Golden Globe-nominated Sherrybaby.

"Sherrybaby" and "Sunlight Jr." seem to tread similar territory. Both have characters hoping to move on from their fractured pasts, and discover that seemingly happy changes could have dire implications. This is Collyer’s first film in almost seven years, so the pressure is on for her to make another indie gem. Based on past expectations look for this to be a dark drama that will have stand-out performances.