Twins Eddie Murphy

A sequel to "Twins" has been batted around and rumored for so long we suppose it was inevitable. But even we didn't see this coming.

THR reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy are being lined up for -- wait for it -- "Triplets." Sigh. You know, we really keep rooting for Murphy to do something, anything, that captures even a tiny portion of his past glory, and then he goes and does shit like this. And yes, "Tower Heist" was mildy enjoyable and he was fun, but even that felt like a limp reflection of much better stuff he's done. But whatever, right? After all, this is a sequel to "Twins" which wasn't really that good of a comedy to start out with (where's our "Kindergarten Cop" sequel dammit!) and making the twist that Julius and Vincent's newly discovered brother is *GASP* black sounds... well, it sounds like a 1980s idea.

Anyway, this thing is in super early stages of development so don't expect to see it for a long time. Maybe by then they'll call it "Grumpy Old Triplets." There is no writer or director yet and the hunt is on for someone to pen this thing. So if and when it gets written, and then gets approved, and then gets greenlit... you get the idea.