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Uninspired U.K. Poster For 'Silver Linings Playbook' & Excellent International Poster For 'Django Unchained'

by Cain Rodriguez
October 24, 2012 9:23 AM
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Silver Linings Playbook UK Poster

This morning we have a pair of new posters for two of our most anticipated films of the fall. Check them out below.

First up is an extremely generic poster for David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook.” While just six months ago there was virtually no buzz on Russell’s follow-up to “The Fighter,” after an enthusiastic reception at the Toronto International Film Festival -- it took home the Audience Award -- the film is sitting pretty atop a wave of good feelings. This poster, however, doesn’t engender the same level of excitement, and in fact looks like it could be the poster for any other Bradley Cooper-starring movie. “Silver Linings Playbook” co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, “Animal Kingdom” star Jacki Weaver, and Chris Tucker. It opens on November 21st. [IMPA]

More inspiring, however, is the new international one-sheet for “Django Unchained.” The print campaign for Quentin Tarantino’s “southern” has been fairly cool -- at least compared to most everything else kicking around these days -- and this latest poster wouldn’t look out of place on the shelf of a video store thirty years ago (though we suppose it would be painted). It still remains to be seen how the film will play out not only critically, but also with the public at large, and no matter what, the controversial subject matter will certainly get people talking. However it shakes out, it promises to be the most unique movie-going experience this Christmas. [Cine1]

Django Unchained Poster
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  • Devlin | October 24, 2012 12:11 PMReply

    @ZATOPEK: The Django Unchained poster is alright, it's nice...I'm not sure I find it particularly excellent or inspiring, though. The poster for Silver Linings Playbook, on the other hand, I like quite a bit because for me, it plays up the chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (the two look great together). The early reviews for SLP have been very positive particularly concerning the performances of Lawrence and Cooper, as well as the chemistry Lawrence and Cooper have with each other, and it seems that is what the poster aimed succeeded.

  • zatopek | October 24, 2012 11:39 AMReply

    I really can't see the excellence or inspiration in that one. The same photoshop-wizard nephew who put together Inglourious Basterds and Kill Bill posters strikes again.

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