Looks like no one will be taking the red pill again anytime soon. Over the weekend, reports surfaced that during a talk at the London International School of Performing Arts, actor Keanu Reeves revealed, among many other things, that the Wachowskis had finished a two picture treatment for more "The Matrix" sequels with an eye to do it in 3D. One little problem however. Keanu Reeves never gave that talk.

We reached out to reps for the actor and were told that "none of it is true…he did not speak nor get an award from the from the London International School of Performing Arts." So, chalk this one up to a fan hoax and nothing more.

However, if you do want to see Keanu Reeves once again kick some ass, he's gearing up for the 3D samurai tale "47 Ronin," which will be going in front of cameras this year and is slated for a November 21, 2012 release.