Sunshine Danny Boyle Rose Byrne

With last year’s “Trance” ending up a financial disappointment — it made roughly only $250,000 more than his theatrical debut “Shallow Grave” — Danny Boyle has gone into TV’s warm embrace for the time being with his pilot for the police series “Babylon” (read our review here). While we wait for updates on his fictionalized adaptation of the documentary “Smash And Grab” and the long-discussedTrainspotting” sequel, why not take a stroll down memory lane with Boyle as he talks about “Sunshine.”

In a Q&A panel for the winter edition of the Shuffle Festival last December, Boyle sat down with physicist Brian Cox — who acted as a consultant on the film — and BBC film critic Mark Kermode to parse the questions raised by the 2007 science fiction film. The panel lasts just over an hour and finds Boyle in top form as he slags “fantasy sci-fi” like “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” and talks about the arguments Boyle had with writer Alex Garland over the final scene.

If you have time to spare, it’s an informative and entertaining panel for a film that’s been slowing gaining an audience in the seven years since its original release. Watch the panel below. [via Reddit