1001 Movies To See Before You Die Supercut

If you're a movie buff, one book you probably want to have on your shelf is Steven Jay Schneider's "1001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die)." Featuring essays by contributing critics, plot details, photos and more, it's a handy resource for those times when you're stuck endlessly browsing Netflix. But 1001 movies requires thousands of hours of viewing...or does it?

Jonathan Keogh has compiled a ten-minute supercut based on Schneider's book series, and has added a couple hundred more titles on top that. And it's pretty nifty feat of editing, with Keogh weaving relevant movie dialogue and keeping everything going at a brisk pace. Dizzying certainly, but a reminder that 100 plus years of cinema has given us a lot to treasure. And it's a nice teaser for the movie you haven't seen, but will enjoy in the future as you tick them off the 1001 list... Watch below.