Stanley Kubrick

Fifteen years ago today, cinema lost one of its greatest innovators, imaginative storytellers and singular visionaries, when Stanley Kubrick passed away at the age 70. He had just completed what would be his final film, the erotic drama/fantasy "Eyes Wide Shut," and behind him was an untouchable body of work, with movies that changed the shape of the artform. So, how can we best pour one out for the cinematic titan?

Alexandre Gasulla has put together a pretty solid 11-minute tribute to the films of Stanley Kubrick and it goes a long way in celebrating Kubrick's distinct and impeccable visual eye, one that broke new ground in the language of filmmaking, creating scenes and sequences that to this day are awe-inspiring. Whether it's the outer reaches of the galaxy in "2001: A Space Odyssey," the interiors of The Overlook Hotel in "The Shining" or the trenches in "Paths Of Glory" he made them his own, and brought the viewer fully into his world.

So check the tribute below, and tell us which Kubrick film you'll be watching tonight. [via Larry Wright]