David O. Russell Martin Scorsese Steve McQueen

One of the best things about this year's brace of awards season contending directors, is that they're all great raconteurs. Whether it's the freewheeling David O. Russell, film knowledge encyclopedia Martin Scorsese or the deeply thoughtful Steve McQueen (check out a two hour talk with him here), the constant train of interviews are made more bearable because they guys are just interesting all their own. Now put 'em on stage together, and watch what happens.

That's just what the Directors Guild of America did, bringing the trio along with Paul Greengrass (sadly, the one not nominated for an Oscar) for a mind boggling two-hour-and-twenty-minute talk about everything under the sun. From how they start their days on set, their creative process, the challenge of getting movies made at all and advice for aspiring filmmakers, this one you'll want to make time for. Plus, it's not often you'll get guys of this calibre all in the same room at the same time for this kind of conversation. So, get to it below. [The Film Stage]

Update: Video removed by request of the DGA. You can watch it on their site.