Last week, a lengthy supercut dropped featuring every movie reference in the first five seasons of "The Simpsons," and it was glorious. And instead of leaving us hanging, a mere seven days later the daunting work of capturing every nod to cinema continues with a new, 20-minute supercut of every movie reference from seasons 6-10. And yes, it's again pretty awesome.

Watching this, not only are we blown away by the sheer number and inventiveness with which the writers dropped all these in, but also all the references we sorta forgot. "The Pope Of Greenwich Village," "Demolition Man," and "JFK" sit alongside more memorable nods to "Scarface," "The Shining" and "Jaws." But it's all a pretty great trip down memory lane, particularly if you haven't seen these episodes in a while. Anyway, sit back and see if you recall them all in the vid below. [Next Movie via FilmDrunk]