Man Of Steel

It looks like Warner Bros.' marketing department is faster than a speeding bullet, because with just over two weeks to go before Superman flies back into theaters, it seems not a day goes by without a TV spot, image, poster or something from the money. They really want this superhero reboot to be a success, and lucky for them, it looks pretty damn good and is easily one of the most anticipated films this summer.

And so onward we go with a new 3 minute featurette once again rounding up director Zack Snyder, screenwriter David Goyer, stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon and more to talk about the movie, and the contemporary, realistic approach everyone was aiming for with the film. And then after that, you can spend a half-hour getting goosebumps by listening to more samples from Hans Zimmer's score for the movie, which sounds like it's gonna be something epic.

"Man Of Steel" opens on June 14th, but you knew that already. [EW]