David Cronenberg
Get inside David Cronenberg's mind

One of the great things about the internet is the availability of obscure videos and TV shows that might have once been lost to time. Case in point, a BBC special from 1997 has surfaced online that focuses on masters of horror, David Cronenberg and George A. Romero.

Running a half-hour, “David Cronenberg and the Cinema of the Extreme” features interviews with Cronenberg, Romero and “Repo Man” director Alex Cox. Although it’s pretty brief, it’s still great to watch some of the great directors of horror genre waxing about their thoughts on the history of the genre and on its especially weird and fantastical imagery.

If you’ve got thirty minutes to spare you can watch the special below. And if it’s got you itching to go back through the directors’ filmographies, we’d like to point you to our Cronenberg retrospective to use as a guide.