'Tis the season for shirtless bronzed dudes running and yelling, in olden times, as CGI effects fill the screen. Last month, Kellan Lutz beefed up "The Legend Of Hercules," next month Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton will shout a lot in "300: Rise Of An Empire" and this month, cinematic auteur Paul W.S. Anderson brings us the volcanic "Pompeii."

Led by "Game Of Thrones" star Kit Harington and Emily Browning, the movie is set against the backdrop of an erupting volcano, where one man not only has to rescue the love of his life, but also his best friend. And as you'll see in the clips below, it's about what you'd expect from Anderson: a kinda generic, quasi-"Gladiator" vibe with actors saying their lines with due gravitas and whatnot. Shrug. By the end of March, we'll have had enough of chiseled people doing blandly heroic things.

"Pompeii" arrives on February 28th. Watch below.