Oscar Best Picture

While the #OscarsSoWhite issue has taken focus in film world these past couple of weeks, with comments from both sides of the argument taking center stage (most recently, Charlotte Rampling), the show must inevitably go on. One of the eight nominated films is going to take home the Best Picture Academy Award despite the controversy.

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While your favorite film may not have made the list (“Carol,” we still don’t understand), there are a bevy to choose from hailing from a variety of genres — action-packed magic hours in “The Revenant,” a colossal journalistic undertaking in “Spotlight,” the resurgence of a renegade hero in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and a dreamy, technicolor period piece in “Brooklyn” among others.

In this new video supercut, Jacob T. Swinney pieces together the eight nominees, showcasing some of their best, and perhaps underlooked, moments.

Whatever film you’re rooting for, we hope it made the cut. Take a look at the video below and let us know who you’re rooting for in the comments.