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Watch: 5 Clips From Powerful 'Prisoners' Starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal & Paul Dano

by Kevin Jagernauth
September 12, 2013 2:12 PM
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Running two and a half hours, soaked in rain and snow, and centering on the disappearance of two young girls that rocks the families involved to the core and finds them pushing their own ethical and emotional borders, there isn't much to smile about in Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners." But it's also one of the best movies you'll see this fall, and with the film gearing up to open next week, Warner Bros. is eager to keep the buzz from Telluride and Toronto going.

Five brand new clips from the film have dropped online, focusing on the investigation led by Detective Loki (a very, very good Jake Gyllenhaal) that starts with the most obvious suspect, a mentally disabled young man (Paul Dano) and goes into some very dark, harrowing directions. These scenes provide a good indication of the tone of the film, as well as the absolutely fantastic lensing by Roger Deakins in an effort that we said leaves "a memorable sear that won't soon be forgotten."

"Prisoners" investigates your multiplex on September 20th. Check out the clips below, but be warned, the last clip is fairly spoiler heavy.

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1 Comment

  • BRYAN MILLS | September 13, 2013 5:55 PMReply

    about time Paul Dano gets an oscar nom

    ------- SPOILERS AHEAD -----------

    i read the script last night

    jackman will go down a very dark disturbing road

    he scalds dano with boiling hot water,
    comes this close to cracking his head open with a hammer and releases snakes on him too

    dano is innocent

    melissa leo is the real villain

    herself and her husband have taken kids for decades
    that is her way of 'waging war against god'

    hugh jackman is like a demon when he won't stop

    the creepy actor with officer dawes name tag
    who harvey dent was gonna shot in TDK will play a peado

    he was the first child melissa leo abducted

    he is a red herring in the film

    scary script

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