12 Years A Slave

Who needs to watch entire movies anymore? When we can just Instagram and Vine our daily lives, spending two hours watching something seems tedious, so thankfully the internet is here to help. Want to watch all the movies on the IMDB top 250 but don't have the time? Don't worry about it, there's a supercut for that. And if you ever wanted to see every Best Picture winner, but don't exactly have the space in your schedule to work it out, never fear, here's a faster way to do it. 

The Final Image Films has put together a five minute supercut with the final shot of all 86 Best Picture Oscar winners, staring with "12 Years A Slave" and working backwards. And it's a nice way to see how different films and filmmakers choose to close their films, from stoic, quiet and serene moments, to some that don't seem to want the moment to end. Landscapes are also a favourite. So turn the phone off, and take a look below, and let us know which one you remember best. [Live For Films]