Wolf Of Wall Street

Yeah, we know. Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf Of Wall Street" was released last year, and he's already in production on his HBO rock 'n' roll drama pilot, with lensing on his upcoming "Silence" (due in 2015) to follow. And yet it says something about just how much that film—one of the biggest worldwide hits of the filmmaker's career—has permeated pop culture that it can still spur interest this far along.

Certainly, Frank Perez is still captivated with the movie, putting together a five-minute (and probably NSFW) tribute reel to the film that highlights the dizzying peaks and debauchery-fueled lows of the Jordan Belfort biopic. And perhaps even more interesting, St. Louis Cardinals backup catcher Tony Cruz has selected Matthew McConaughey's infamous chest thump/chant from the film as his walk on music, and it's pretty weird to hear it over stadium loudspeakers. Check out both videos below. [35 MM/LA Times]