Star Wars

Even though it's always been sort of obvious right from the start, and reiterated a few times in the past, the upcoming "Star Wars" movies (just like their predecessors) will not be tangling or using anything from the expanded universe in books, comics, video games and more. Disney and Lucasfilm even issued a press release today to double confirm what we already know. That being said, that expanded universe has legions of fans and it's an important money train for Disney, so no surprise, they are more than happy to celebrate it.

Not so coincidentally, a six-minute featurette has also dropped today, looking back on the expanded universe and seeing where it will go. "The movies are so rich and so full of detail," Howard Roffman, EVP, Lucasfilm Franchise Management said, "and you know that there's a ton of things that aren't revealed in the movies but obviously exist in the lore of Star Wars and in the story of Star Wars. The EU has been our attempt to take you into areas that aren't explored in the movies and give you much more depth." 

And to that end they have succeeded. So check a bunch of talented folks at Lucasfilm musing on the expanded universe and what makes it special, and tell us what you'd like to see down the line from the franchise. Watch below.