The Master, PSH

It's been just over twenty-four hours, and we still can't believe that Philip Seymour Hoffman is no longer with us. He was simply one of the greatest, not only of his generation, but arguably of all time; a tremendous talent who could disappear into roles, and surprise in completely unexpected ways. As the tributes continue to roll in, here's one that casts a quick look at his career.

Supercut maestro Nelson Carvajal has assembled a 7-minute, career-spanning look at Hoffman's work on the big screen. From "Capote" to "Almost Famous" to "Magnolia" to "Patch Adams" (bet you forgot about that one) and more, it's tribute to Hoffman's versatility, his ability to stand out even if the movie around him wasn't so great, and to the humanity he brought to every character he played, even at their most unlikeable. Simply, it's seven minutes that reminds us we're losing an irreplaceable actor who won't soon be forgotten. Watch below.