Grey Goose Fly Beyond

We can't imagine that making a movie like "Only God Forgives" brings in the megabucks. Indeed for many directors, the commercial world offers a chance to earn a nice paycheck while keeping those directorial skills honed. And Nicolas Winding Refn, as he cooks up whatever he does next (he isn't saying much), has dipped his toes in that world before and has done so again.

The helmer is behind the new ad for Grey Goose, with the vodka company kicking off a massive new campaign today. The 90-second spot centers on François Thibault, the unsung hero of the company who came up with the formula but never really got recognized for his effort—until now. All told, this could've been directed by anyone, though that pulsating score is probably the only indication it had Refn behind the camera. Anyway, give it a spin and in case you missed, here's Refn's Gucci ad starring Blake Lively from last year. [Adweek]