In certain horror circles, Vincenzo Natali has built up a lot of goodwill thanks to cult faves like  "Cube," "Cypher," and the chiller "Splice." But can he keep up the inventive low budget scares for his latest feature, "Haunter"? Well, the first trailer is here to tease out what he has in store.

Abigail Breslin, who we last saw getting locked in the trunk of a car in this spring's "The Call," leads this reverse ghost story of sorts, playing the deceased Lisa, who attempts to reach out to the new inhabitants of the home she used to live in before she died in order to help them avoid the same fate that befell her. And yet, this still seems like your boilerplate horror flick, with the standard jump scares and screechy soundtrack, though it does appear to have a palpable sense of atmosphere. But even so, when we saw it at SXSW earlier this year, we weren't impressed, calling it "utterly unconvincing and not scary in the slightest."

"Haunter" opens on October 18th. Watch below.