The Dictator

Being no stranger to the MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen has dropped a promo for this year’s show as General Aladeen from “The Dictator,” reading off the list of nominees as his busty female body guards watch over him. Cohen was memorably entangled with Eminem during the show a couple of years ago in the run up to “Bruno,” and while this the year ceremonies will be happening after the film is in theaters, perhaps we'll stll be treated to an appearance by the great leader of Wadiya. Or, we'll suffer the consequences.

The MTV Movie Awards will arrive on Sunday, June 3th with the movie arriving on May 16th. Cohen/Aladeen has recently been crushing it on promo rounds, popping up on Australian morning television in a pretty hilarious turn and let's not forget his Oscar red carpet encounter with Ryan Seacrest (arguably far more entertaining that the awards show). We can't wait to see what he does the leader of Wadiya comes for American TV. Watch below.