If you saw the box office smashingGravity” this past weekend, chances are you were as transfixed by the sound design of the film as you were by Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography. Though no sound can be heard in the vacuum of space, Alfonso Cuarón’s film still manages to tell its story aurally. A new featurette from the good folks at Soundworks Collection has the filmmaker explain how the film’s audio palette was formed.

Just over nine minutes long, Cuarón and his re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay talk about designing the sound for the most geographically literal representation and how Dolby Atmos allowed them to fully immerse the audience in Sandra Bullock’s journey. Not only was "Gravity" a visually arresting movie, the mix of sounds also proved crucial to rattling your nerves and this is a pretty good look at how they put that all together.

Check out the featurette below and catch “Gravity”—yes, in 3D—at your nearest theater.