Yesterday we got Andy Samberg's edit of the "That's My Boy" trailer, but if you're looking for something filthier and with actual footage from the movie, a nice and naughty new red band spot has arrived.

Adam Sandler has long been circling the drain after sleeping through a number of lazy paycheck movies that still manage to make a lot of money, but this summer he's going R-rated in what we hope will be an effort that inspires him to deliver some decent laughs. He plays Samberg's estranged father whose facing money problems and drops in on his son on the eve of his wedding to Jamie (played by Leighton Meester). And of course, all hell breaks loose. There is a lot of energy here being put into very few laughs, but we have to say the bike lesson and its consequences made us laugh pretty hard. We're cautious, but curious because we're always up for some immature fun (though Samberg as the straight man feels like a mistake).

"That's My Boy" opens next Friday, June 15th. Watch the trailer below.