That's My Boy Adam Sandler Andy Samberg

While Andy Samberg has officially left "Saturday Night Live," he hasn't put iMovie away yet, as he's gone ahead and cut his own version of the trailer for "That's My Boy," which is not surprisingly, pretty awesome.

We're big fans of immature humor around here, and Samberg delivers the goods with the one-minute spot where he takes the names Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler to their appropriately absurd limits. It's only a minute long, so we're not gonna say any more...just click on it and see for yourself. Co-starring Leighton Meester, Vanilla Ice, James Caan, Milo Ventimiglia, Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, Ciara, Nick Swardson, Susan Sarandon and more, "That's My Boy" opens on June 15th. Watch below. [Vulture]