Noah, Logan Lerman

Nothing about the forthcoming "Noah" will remind you of Sunday School except that it rains and there's an ark. With Darren Aronofsky spinning an environmental tale with fantasy elements, he brings a new but still Biblically-sound take on the story, one that forgoes the sunnier version you might have heard. So when it was announced that rock icon Patti Smith was working on a song for the tune, it kind of made sense.

"She wrote this incredible lullaby that Russell Crowe sings to Emma Watson in the movie. It's really touching and beautiful," the director told Rolling Stone last month. And well, you can hear it for yourself, as the track recently premiered on the BBC, and was promptly ripped by those eager to hear the collaboration between Smith, Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet. Hot damn. Before that is a new clip from "Noah," with animals headed in pairs to Russell Crowe's waiting ark.

"Noah" arrives on March 28th. Watch and listen below.