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Watch: Another Blood Spattered Red Band Trailer For 'Sabotage' Plus New Pics

by Kevin Jagernauth
March 13, 2014 9:38 AM
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It's been a while since we've been able to go see an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie without having to drape ourselves in irony and wear our boots of nostalgia. But thankfully, "Sabotage" looks straight up legit—a pulpy B-movie that is firmly wearing its R-rating, and a new trailer is here to prove to you that Arnie has still got it.

Featuring a formidable ensemble that includes Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Harold Perrineau, Josh Holloway and Mireille Enos, the story follows an elite DEA task force that gets mixed up with a deadly drug cartel who starts picking off the team one by one. And yes, bullets will fly, blood will be spattered and Arnie is going to have to take care of business. Directed by David Ayer, this looks a cut above and could be a nice surprise at the multiplex.

"Sabotage" hits on March 28th. Watch the new trailer below and check out some new pics too.

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  • 1q31385fwv13 | March 13, 2014 1:37 PMReply

    oooooh. a sarcastic remark on a web comment section poking fun at an action movie with a star past his/her prime. oooooooh, never seen that before!!!!!!

    couldn't you have come up with something more original?

    here's some more exlams for good measure: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xian | March 13, 2014 1:26 PMReply

    They've taken his family! That's a novel plot device. Wow, total surprise there. And he's UPSET about it, enough to use Federal and/or state resources to take the bastards who did it down? Wow! Tell more more! I'm new to this world (and was also living in a cave on a desert island) and well, this is all new to me... Thrill me!

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