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Watch: Fantastic New Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's 'Behind The Candelabra' With Michael Douglas & Matt Damon

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 7, 2013 9:27 PM
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Steven Soderbergh has never been one to resist a challenge (ie. a 12-hour adaptation of John Barth's "The Sot-Weed Factor"), and certainly, his long-developing biopic of Liberace, "Behind the Candelabra," faced its fair share of resistance. The director has been up front about major studios turning down the movie for being "too gay," but it seems it's going to be their loss. HBO has dropped a brand new trailer for the movie and it looks nothing short of great.

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon lead the picture as Liberace and his young gay lover/friend/confidante Scott Thorson, respectively, and while you'll come for the costumes and sequins, you'll stay for the drama. Douglas slinks and purrs his way through the lead in a performance that seems simply transformative, while Damon is just as game as the young man thrust into this gaudy, glitzy world. This new trailer offers up the best look at the movie yet, with more of the supporting cast on display, including Dan Aykroyd (as Liberace's long-term manager Seymour Heller), Rob Lowe (as a plastic surgeon) and Debbie Reynolds (as Frances Liberace). We've also got some new pics of all three as well.

"Behind the Candelabra" is expected to hit Cannes and will air on HBO on Sunday, May 26th at 9 p.m.

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  • Adam Scott Thompson | April 8, 2013 7:56 PMReply

    Kudos to the makeup team that could ugly up Debbie Reynolds.

  • Hopwell | April 8, 2013 2:09 PMReply

    I don't think Douglas has quite got the purring quality of Lee's voice, but otherwise it looks great.

  • Amanda | April 8, 2013 1:03 PMReply

    You had me at Matt Damon in a speedo <3

  • maxwell | April 8, 2013 12:02 PMReply

    So Hollywood is going to mark Liberace's life as a cartoon-like perversion so that people can peek in and point at. It appears they are completely disregarding the one thing that he was known for, his genius piano abilities.
    This is ridiculous. Expected from Hollywood scum, but still ridiculous.

  • JM | April 8, 2013 2:00 PM

    Let's not forget, Liberace WAS a cartoon character. He obviously relished that and used it to his advantage. If you've got a problem with the way this trailer focuses on his "over-the-top-ness" rather than his musical genius, maybe you've got beef with Liberace himself, not Hollywood.

    I also don't know what you mean by "perversion", but if you mean his sexuality, nothing in this trailer made me look at him like a "perversion". If anything, the trailer made me want to see why he needed Matt Damon's character in his life so much. He was obviously filling some kind of void with Damon's character, and that is nothing but human to the very core. Nothing perverted about it.

    Also, it's a trailer. They're trying to get people in the theater, not tell a story. Go see the movie before you start pointing fingers at Hollywood and calling people scum.

  • sidd | April 8, 2013 12:49 PM

    Matt Damon remarked that not only had Michael Douglas rehearsed so completely that he had memorized the piano fingering, but his young son had memorized it too. And being gay is not a perversion, but has been a natural form of sexual expression for a percentage of the population of every culture in every time. I will be interested to see if the movie deals with Liberace's fear of exposure as a gay man, since he knew very well that the public of the time would have ended his career (regardless of his talent) if they had known the truth. Thankfully the time when people must live in terror is rapidly ending. Three out of four young people find discrimination based on sexual orientation baffling

  • mainly jovial | April 8, 2013 11:06 AMReply

    Glitz, pathos, great actors, great director, terrific sets, fantastic seventies hair and threads, and Matt Damon emerging dripping from a pool in a teeeny bathing suit. Ah, sometimes the world just hands me a bouquet of roses.

  • Electricity | April 8, 2013 8:02 AMReply

    "So we can be family". Great one line insight into Thorson's character.

  • Emilypost | April 8, 2013 4:04 AMReply

    I guess they didn't have much money but the sets and costumes look wonderfully lush. And the feathered hair! Major seventies flashback.

  • Simon | April 8, 2013 1:16 AMReply

    Looks fantastic, but is Matt Damon supposed to play young? He looks about 40 in every shot.

  • LaToya Stradlater | April 7, 2013 9:47 PMReply

    And the Emmy goes to: Douglas, Damon, and Debbie Reynolds!

  • Sidsbowl | April 7, 2013 9:46 PMReply

    FANTASTIC! Must get HBO!!

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