Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Ad

Ever since Gene Kelly came boogie-woogie-ing back from the dead to shill for Volkswagen, the issue of whether or not the image/likeness of classic cinema stars should be used from beyond the grave to pimp products has been brought into the spotlight. While we haven't quite had a deluge (yet), it seems the estates of these icons need to find new revenue streams, and with visual effects moving in leaps and bounds, the folks collecting checks for Audrey Hepburn have been moving swiftly.

It was a few years ago that the actress was re-animated to sell clothes for Gap, and now she's been CGI-ed back to life to shill for Galaxy chocolate bars. Granted, the tech work is pretty well done, but the crass commercialism kind of takes our taste away from the silky, smooth chocolate (hey, guess the ad worked). Anyway, if you need more Audrey in your life watch below. [The Inspiration Room]