The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Ben Stiller

How can you fall in love if you haven't lived yet? That seems to be the one of the underlying themes in Ben Stiller's upcoming holiday remake/fantasy/adventure/comedy/romance "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty." And a new clip has arrived that manages to include almost every one of those descriptors in about two minutes flat.

The film, a remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye classic, centers on an ordinary man who has led an unextraordinary life. But his vivid imagination and a quest to find a lost photograph soon opens up his world in ways he never managed. And in this scene, we see how trying to operate his eHarmony account turns into a daring rescue mission all from the comfort of a subway station. It's pretty ambitious stuff, but as our review noted, the good intentions of the movie don't always add up.

"The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" opens on Christmas Day. Watch the clip below. [Digital Spy]