This is 40 Paul Rudd

It might be underwhelming a bit at the box office, but it's all about the multiples at this time of year -- think of "We Bought A Zoo," which opened to a disappointing $9 million last Christmas, only to go on to make a healthy $75 million by the time it departed from theaters. So Universal are far from giving up on Judd Apatow's latest, keeping the publicity machine ticking over the holidays, and the studio have released another deleted scene from the movie to lure in those who might have so far been on the fence about the film.

The latest clip features a big-name guest star, in the shape of Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman of Green Day, one of the biggest bands in the world. Armstrong's had his share of personal problems of late, spending time in rehab, but he's on good form here, pitching a side-project he bills as "Norwegian Death Metal meets Belle & Sebastian" to Paul Rudd's record company owner Pete. It's a pretty funny couple of minutes, though you can see why even the tangent-happy Apatow deemed it more fitting for the cutting room floor than the final cut.

Watch the clip below, and you can see more of Rudd and Billie Joe in "This Is 40" in theaters now.