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Watch: Blake Lively & Chloë Moretz Go White Trash In Red Band Trailer For 'Hick'

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 26, 2012 3:43 PM
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Hick Blake Lively Chloe Moretz skip crop

Well, we will say this. You ain't seen Blake Lively or Chloë Moretz -- or hell, most of the other cast really -- in anything like this before. Whether it all works or not is entirely a different matter, but the red band trailer for "Hick" is sure to grab your attention.

Soundtracked to some relentlessly twangy guitar with words like BRUTAL, EMOTIONAL and CONTROVERSIAL splashing across the screen, Phase 4 Films really want to push that this is one gritty tale. And on paper at least, it is. Directed by Derick Martini (”Lymelife”), the film is an adaptation of Andrea Portes’ coming-of-age novel of the same name (she penned the script as well). The story revolves around Luli (Moretz), a 13-year-old Nebraskan girl, and her hard-going life on the road after she runs away from her neglectful parents and home. She’s taken in by Glenda (Lively), a hard-living grifter who takes Luli under her wing. 

And it seems their adventures have them crossing paths with some seriously shady dudes, with everyone sporting an outrageous accent as they race around in station wagons and pick-up trucks and lodge in fleabag motels. The threat of sexual violence also lingers in the air, while the overall tone actually reminded this writer a little bit of "Killer Joe" (though whether it's as good as that movie remains to be seen). Our man at TIFF sorta hated it saying, "it's a black blot of shame for everyone who had a part in its making." Ouch.

But judge for yourself when the movie goes UltraVOD on May 8th before rolling into theaters on May 11th. Watch below.

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  • Carson Wells | April 30, 2012 12:12 AMReply

    That's a great trailer.

  • Amy | April 27, 2012 11:27 PMReply

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  • Lou | April 27, 2012 3:55 PMReply

    Are you still asking yourselves why some films are released abroad BEFORE being shown in the U.S.? Producing companies have learnt and want to avoid all the instrumental bashing and build-up of a negative hype on the basis of a trailer, thus securing at least decent international grosses. If I were them, I would only show the trailer a few days before the release.

  • KK | April 27, 2012 4:11 AMReply

    Oogle Monster, I have to question your taste. Lively is kind of great in this movie. Like, surprisingly great. I begrudgingly say this, as I'm not a big fan. AND Lewis I think is the weakest of all of them. The film is so not "awful". That's reductive. It's weird and creepy, yes. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on, including me, is that Eddie Redmayne is insanely good in this film. Like, you can't believe it.

  • Oogle monster | April 28, 2012 9:54 AM

    Re: Redmayne... I actually can believe it, since I've seen the film and while I thought he was fine, I wasn't blown away. You can question my taste all you want. After all, isn't that what the comments portion of this site is about? Difference of opinion? I thought Lewis stood out in her few scenes but then again, I think she's a solid actress who just hasn't had the right vehicle to show off her chops in years. The film IS awful... and no that wouldn't be reductive. You see weird and creepy and I see just plain bad. So, like, understand we have like, different views of this film.

  • Connor | April 26, 2012 7:51 PMReply

    I loved Lymelife so I'll give this a try.

  • Derick | April 26, 2012 7:15 PMReply

    Chloe Moretz is a fantastic young actress so I'll give this a shot.

  • Oogle monster | April 26, 2012 6:57 PMReply

    Lively trying to play a southerner when she's a marble mouth is a tough tough thing to sit through. Movie is pretty awful but Lewis has a few good scenes. The trailer pretty much gave away the most "controversial" scene... oh well.

  • gabe | April 26, 2012 6:10 PMReply

    This looks rad. I wanna see Eddie Redmayne.

  • kelly | April 26, 2012 6:09 PMReply

    Penny, you look like you could be unintentionally hilarious by being a idiot.

  • Penny | April 26, 2012 5:45 PMReply

    It looks like it could unintentionally hilarious.

  • Huh? | April 26, 2012 4:55 PMReply

    I don't see a reason for RED BAND. No nudity. No bloodshed. It seems ridiculous. However this movie looks just demented enough for me to want to go see. I bet the real gritty stuff is not in the trailer at all.

  • ted | April 26, 2012 4:20 PMReply

    Good cast and director. I'll give it a chance.

  • hg | April 26, 2012 3:53 PMReply

    what was red band about this lol

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