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Watch: Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It Footage From 'Life Of Pi' Plus New Banners From Ang Lee's Film

by Kevin Jagernauth
June 14, 2012 1:27 PM
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If you went to see "Prometheus" in 3D over the past week, you might have received a little bit of a treat. With Oscar already in their eyes, 20th Century Fox has begun the long marketing road for Ang Lee's "Life Of Pi," placing a 3D sequence from the film in front of Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic (with "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and "Ice Age: Continental Drift" also getting bonus scenes). But if you were out getting popcorn or didn't get the special scene, a very, very brief taste of some first footage has landed online.

The studio has launched the official website for the film and it kicks off with a brief look at a surprised Suraj Sharma and a roaring Bengal tiger. This would actually make a nice update to the MGM logo...Anyway, that's all there is too it and we realize, that a few seconds of footage isn't exactly enthralling. But these banners for the movie also on the site are pretty nifty and certainly tease that the world Yann Martel conjured up in his novel, will be creatively realized on screen.

Co-starring Irrfan Khan, Gérard Depardieu, Tobey Maguire, Adil Hussain, and Shravanthi Sainath Tabu, "Life of Pi" starts gunning for awards on November 21st. Watch below. [SlashFilm]

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  • WRT | June 14, 2012 2:18 PMReply

    The bit in front of Prometheus was -- frankly -- boring. I don't see the appeal. However good your cinematography and design are, it's going to get tedious to look at the same 10 square feet for an hour (and it does get boring -- after like 45 seconds). I like Ang Lee a lot, but I'm not very excited for this

  • Yod | June 15, 2012 12:21 AM

    Sorry, I intended to type "WRT didn't suggest anything of the sort".

  • Yod | June 15, 2012 12:21 AM

    Don't use that cliched line, MDL. WRT suggest anything of the sort.

  • MDL | June 14, 2012 8:40 PM

    So, in other words, if it's not an action flick with fast editing, loud music and scenes of blood and mayhem in as many locations as possible then it's not really a movie worth seeing?

  • Jesse | June 14, 2012 3:31 PM

    Agreed. I was extremely dissapointed. And what was up with that soundtrack? It sounded like it was ripped straight form a nacho commercial set in a western setting.

    Looked the 3D in prometheus, was not impressed with the 3D in this.

    Still, I hope my mind can be changed. I respect Lee and hope he can win me over once more.

  • MAC | June 14, 2012 2:04 PMReply

    So cool. I predict with utmost confidence that this and Les Mis will be battling for the top awards come December.

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