Moonrise Kingdom Bill Murray

Well, Bob Balaban is currently on his way to France on a red eye flight, and there is less than 48 hours to go until the Cannes Film Festival kicks off with "Moonrise Kingdom."

With that mind, Focus Features has unveiled four charming, Anderson-esque featurettes hosted by Balaban (the film's narrator, by the way) who talks New Penzance where the film is set and his co-stars Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton, along with director Wes Anderson. These are pretty clever, tongue-in-cheek videos, with an almost deadpan Honey Badger type vibe at times, that never takes itself too seriously. You'll get a peek behind the scenes and see a few snatches of new scenes as they're being shot. You won't learn too much, aside from the fact that a hurricane plays a central role in the narrative; Norton and Anderson can both skip rocks really well and Murray has no problem doing his own stunts.

Anyway, check them all out below. And if you're not in Cannes, not to worry -- "Moonrise Kingdom" opens on May 25th.