Christian Bale The  Dark Knight Rises

Yes, we know there has been an endless run of various trailers and TV spots for "The Dark Knight Rises," each showing off variations on the same footage we've seen for a while now. But perhaps Warner Bros. is sensing this too as a brand new TV spot has landed that not only boasts a bunch of new footage, but also a comedic side we haven't seen yet.

Revealing a cameo by -- is that Thomas Lennon? -- as a doctor taking a look at Bruce Wayne, it suggests that the hero is nearing the end of his time as Batman with his knees, kidneys and brain tissue all in rough shape, and we wonder if this is more of a sign that the grande finale of Nolan's franchise is the dark knight hanging up his cowl for good. As for the rest, it's action heavy as expected, with a few more bits, including an over anxious cop taking a shot and John Blake and Batman sizing up the remains of what looks to be a brawl.

July 20th is ten days away and below.