Bruce Willis The Prince

The cinematic bromance between Bruce Willis and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson continues, with the pair buddying up for cheapie action flicks made in places where there are generous tax credits (it would seem that Fiddy is a savvy producer). And after two movies you already forgot about — "Setup" and "Fire With Fire" — the pair are back with "The Prince." And it's basically a remake of "Taken."

John Cusack and Jason Patric co-star in this one about a mechanic whose daughter gets...wait for it....taken, and then he has to do stuff about it. But wait, he's not actually a mechanic! It turns out he's got a special set of skills...stop us if you've heard this before. Shot on location in New Orleans, this looks ready for Redbox and bad drunken decisions, the latter which might also explain why anybody got involved with this thing. Yes, "The Prince" looks pretty terrible, but believe it or not it is getting a theatrical release...

...but it's also going VOD at the same time on August 22nd. Watch below.