Dead Man Down Noomi Rapace Colin Farrell

We're still waiting for 2013 to give us a solid action movie. The less said about "Parker" the better, "Broken City" was an expensive "Law & Order" episode, while "A Good Day To Die Hard" put an iceberg sized hole into the franchise. But could "Dead Man Down" be the one to give us some solid B-movie thrills? Could be.

The film reunites Noomi Rapace with her "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" director Niels Arden Oplev for what looks to be a pretty unforgiving little revenge tale. Colin Farrell takes the lead as a hitman who is blackmailed into taking out his boss by a prostitute looking to get even after she's disfigured. And as you'll see in the red band spot below, things get....explode-y... But man, if you're gonna put Isabelle Huppert in something like this, give the arthouse nerds a little bit of love, no?

"Dead Man Down" -- which also features the ever-quotable Terrence Howard -- opens on Friday.