Prometheus Ship

Guys, stop everything! Finally, after months of silence, there's finally some footage from Ridley Scott's "Prometheus!" So far, we know almost nothing about it, but a new featurette has... Wait, what? What do you mean there have been endless trailers, TV spots and featurettes over the last few months? I mean, it's not like they've released almost every frame of the film before it hits theaters or anything, surely? Oh.

Still, as we've discussed, the put-it-all-on-display approach may have been a necessity for a film that isn't the easiest sell, and the latest clip, over at ComingSoon, does at least focus on a relatively non-spoilery aspect of the film -- the ship that the film shares its title with. We get a glimpse into the fairly spectacular production design by Arthur Max (highlight: Michael Fassbender riding a bike while holding a basketball), and the cast's reaction to it. 

Anyway, spoilerphobes should probably avoid, and obsessives should probably click away. The good news is that the film is almost upon us (we're seeing it tomorrow!) so the barrage of promos should be coming to an end before too long. "Prometheus" opens in France and other territories tomorrow, the U.K. on Friday, and the U.S. on June 8th.