Channing Tatum, '22 Jump Street’ Spoof

You’ve likely already experienced the breathtaking beauty of the Jean-Claude Van Damme-starring Volvo Ad, where the action star demonstrates the most epic form of splits across two Volvo trucks. Set to Enya, it’s probably something you could put on a loop on a TV at a Pilates class or something. Not to be outdone, Channing Tatum has done his own little parody of the clip from the set of his latest film, the sequel to “21 Jump Street,” creatively titled “22 Jump Street” (apparently “21 Jump Street 2” was taken and the team moved over a block). Anyhow, as you might guess, the clip is pretty similar, but ends with a bit of pain. Check it out below. “22 Jump Street,” co-starring Jonah Hill and once again directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, hits theaters on June 13, 2014. This will have to tide you over until then.