Chloe Moretz

Good news, guys! Not only is the "Arrested Development" movie getting made, but it's going to get a sequel! And they're both going to win Oscars, too!  That's according to Chloe Moretz anyway, who's been to the future, so she should know. And, like Zach Galifianakis, you'll also be able to have a radio inserted in your head that plays tuba music whenever you want.

Moretz & Galifianakis, along with Sarah Silverman, Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa, Tracy Morgan and Marisa Tomei, are reporting back from the year 2015 to help raise awareness for, the charity campaign that, among many other things, aims to stamp out AIDS by that year. Which if you ask us, is pretty much the best aim you could have. As far as this sort of thing goes, the PSA, produced by Funny Or Die, is pretty damn funny, and given that it's for a good cause, we don't really see how you can do anything other than watch it below, and then click over to to see what you can do to help.