American Hustle

Chatting as we do around the water cooler from time to time, before various members of The Playlist team headed to parts unknown for Thanksgiving weekend, we got to talking about "American Hustle." And more specifically, about what music might be found in the movie that really revels in its '70s/'80s setting, and now we know at least two songs that will be in there or mentioned.

A brand new clip has dropped from David O. Russell's highly anticipated film and it finds conman Christian Bale bonding with Amy Adams over jazz legend Duke Ellington, who has just died (which would place the scene in 1974, FYI). And the song they both cherish? "Jeep's Blues" from Ellington At Newport, a live album which is largely credited with reviving the icon's career. Meanwhile, playing in the background is Chicago's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"

So, check out the clip, followed by the Duke Ellington and Chicago tunes. "American Hustle" arrives in theaters on December 18th.

American Hustle (skip crop)