Admission Paul Rudd Tina Fey

To be sure, applying to college is a frenzy of emotions for high school graduates each year, but we can't remember when it was depicted as being as wacky as it is in the trailer for "Admission." The film, directed by Paul Weitz ("Being Flynn," "About A Boy"), is a dramedy promising laughs and perhaps tears, in a movie we're not quite ready to buy a ticket for just yet.

Based on the book by Jean Hanff Korelitz, Fey plays a admissions official at Princeton who is basically a refashioned version of Liz Lemon: single and quirky. But her world is changed when unassuming, Earth-hugging Paul Rudd shows up and presents a seemingly unqualified candidate for her to consider. And that candidate might also be her son. Wait, what? The trailer reveals that she gave up a kid for adoption a long time ago, and now her life is changed and she's showering in barns or something. This feels a bit tonally all over the place, but perhaps it's just a badly cut trailer.

Either way, we'll find out when the movie hits on March 8, 2103. Watch below. [Collider]