Clint Eastwood Darren Aronofsky

Well, the sun has set on another Tribeca Film Festival, but with a packed schedule, we weren't going to have time for everything. That being said, it was a great year for the festival, with more than a handful of surprising films and performances which we broke down in our Best And Brightest Of The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. But festivals aren't just an opportunity for movies to find an audience, but it's a place for talent to talk, mingle and share anecdotes and while we could find space in our schedule, thank the digital age for preserving these convos.

Darren Aronofsky and the legendary Clint Eastwood got together for a talk, as did "Meet The Parents" team Jay Roach and Ben Stiller and the festival has thankfully put both of those events up online. It's rare to get this kind of time, with these kinds of folks, so sit back and give it a watch below.