The Last Of Robin Hood

Handsome, dashing, popular ... movie legend Errol Flynn had the world in the palm of his hand during his heydey, but when the '40s rolled around, her personal life overcame his onscreen persona. A trial for statutory rape—from which he was acquitted after a very public trial—forever damaged his reputation. And the upcoming "The Last Of Robin Hood" documents the fall of one of Hollywood's greatest icons.

Kevin Kline plays the handsome actor, who starts a relationship with the very young Beverly Aadland (Dakota Fanning) under the premise of helping her acting career, and the two are soon embroiled in an affair. Some of this is enabled by Beverly's stage mom Florence (Susan Sarandon), but when the relationship spills out into the media, there's not much anyone can do stop what's coming. The film premiered at TIFF last fall, and we missed it at the time, and the trailer seems to be playing up the glamor of the era and less the drama of the story. We'll see which wins out.

"The Last Of Robin Hood" opens on August 29th. Watch below.