dane dehaan, Metallica: through the never

No matter what you might think of their music now (pretty tepid), there's no denying that Metallica have always thought big and loud. And while at first glance the idea of them doing a 3D concert movie might seem a bit odd, it actually does fit their longtime goal of illustrating bold visions through their music. But does "Metallica: Through The Never" actually look good?

Well, not really, but certainly there has been so expense spared. Slighty reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same" (though we doubt Lars Ulrich will go down in a hail of bullets), in mixing fantasy with concert footage, the movie finds Dane DeHaan playing Trip, a roadie sent on an urgent mission during a live sold out arena show for Metallica. But he winds up getting caught up in the apocalypse? A Stanley Cup riot? At either rate, if you ever wondering, being a roadie just ain't that glamorous.

Anyway, check out the trailer below. The film hits IMAX on September 27th and opens everywhere else on October 4th.

Metallica: Through The Never