PHOTO: Darren Aronofsky Makes Drugs Look Scary Again With Anti-Meth PSAs

Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem For A Dream" is easily one of the most potent chronicles about the downward spiral of addiction, so who better to deliver a PSA about the horrors of meth use?

The director has delivered four pretty damn harrowing spots for The Meth Project Foundation, a group aiming to tackle the growing meth use in the United States. The four ads focus on personal sacrifice and relationships broken by the use of the drug, all going unflinchingly into dark directions. It's some pretty directly affecting stuff and definitely worth a look, though it may be NSFW depending on how uptight your office is (and if you can't watch it there, these will hit TV very soon). And in case you were wondering, Matthew Libatique was not behind camera for this, as Darren Lew ("Freakonomics") took on DoP duties here. Prostitution, violence, suicide...yeah, meth is not a good time. Watch below. [via Vulture]