David Bowie

"David Bowie Is" goes the title of the touring museum exhibition about the musician, actor and icon, and that's about as perfect a description as he needs. Bowie simply defies any easy categorization in a career that has seen him top the charts, influence countless artists and musicians and remain uniquely, well, Bowie every step of the way. And here's an opportunity to see the man both present and past.

First up is a new ad for Louis Vuitton featuring Bowie and helmed by "Our Day Will Come" director and music video/commercials veteran Romain Gavras. And the concept is simple, with a beautiful young woman hanging out at a "Marie Antoinette" style party as Bowie belts out a harpsichord led version of "I'd Rather Be High" from his latest album The Next Day. And speaking of getting high, a vintage 1974 BBC television documentary "Cracked Actor" is kicking around online. It features a rather degenerated, drug-addled Bowie and for diehard fans of the artist, the doc also has rare footage of his elaborate Diamond Dogs tour.

Both a worth a spin, so get clicking below. [Pitchfork/Dangerous Minds]