The Stars (Are Out Tonight) David Bowie Tilda Swinton

While our dream of a Tilda Swinton-starring biopic of David Bowie will probably never be realized, this is likely the next best thing. The iconic musician continues his bold return to the spotlight with his latest video "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)," and the pairing of Bowie and Swinton is probably all you need to know before clicking play.

Directed by music video veteran Floria Sigismondi, who helmed previous Bowie videos "Dead Man Walking" and "Little Wonder" in the '90s, her latest tells the story of a married couple who find their lives disrupted by a celebrity duo. Yeah, the song seems to be a clumsy statement on celebrity obsession, but that's made up for by Bowie and Swinton playing domestic, and it kind of makes you wish they'd team up to do a movie where they play married detectives or something.

Anyway, Bowie's new album The Next Day drops on March 12th. Watch the video below. [Pitchfork]